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Top Performing and Experienced Counsel:

Hui Zeng, an attorney with versatile and rich experiences in the practice area of immigration law, is the leading senior attorney in Zeng Law Group, PLLC. Under the leadership of attorney Zeng, our team of professional and dedicated legal experts has provided legal services that go above and beyond our clients’ needs and expectations. For three consecutive years, attorney Zeng has been selected as one of the Rising Stars by Super Lawyer Magazine of Thomson Reuters. Among the licensed attorneys, only around 2.5 % of the cohort will be selected. Attorney Zeng has also made the cut as one of the 2018 Leading Women Lawyers in NYC (a list of the top one hundred outstanding female attorneys) by Crain’s New York Magazine.

Professional and Experienced Legal Team:

Our team of attorneys and paralegals have graduated from top U.S. universities, proficient in both English and Chinese. The paralegals assist the attorneys from the initial stage of putting together the documents to the final stages of following up and overseeing the cases from start to finish.

Individually customized H-1B Application

Our team of attorneys and paralegals are richly experienced in the practice area of H-1B. Based on the uniqueness of each case, parts in cases where a “request for evidence” may be requested, the professional industry of the employer, the size of the company, position, and the educational background of each applicant- will all be taken into evaluation when customizing an H-1B application best suited for applicants with different background and scenarios.


H-1B Successful Cases

In the past years’ applications, we have reached numerous successes in helping our clients attaining H-1B visa approvals on complicated and difficult cases. Interested in knowing more about those who have been in similar work positions as you, and their H-1B approval process, and the application timeline in the past years? Please click here to find out more about our H-1B success stories.  

We are a boutique law firm committed to giving our clients detailed attention. We are a group of dedicated legal professionals that represent clients in various legal areas. We seek to make a difference in the industry and for our clients. Over the years, we have successfully represented thousands of individual and corporate clients and delivered reputable results. For more details, please refer to the list of some of our corporate clients. 


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H-1B Articles

2. What to do if you are not selected in the H-1B lottery?

What to do if you are not selected in the H-1B lottery? Please click the link to find out more about Change of Status within the U.S. (Click on the heading to find out more!)

Change of Status is defined as changing a type of nonimmigrant status to another type of nonimmigrant status while staying within the U.S. territory. It is also defined as a process of applying for status change in a type of nonimmigrant status to another type of nonimmigrant status through the USCIS.

(Read article)

3. What do you need to know after you have been selected in the H-1B lottery:

Do not make the careless mistake of leaving out the “Cap-Gap” and becomes an illegal worker! (Click on the heading to find out more!)

Are you permitted to work during the Cap-Gap period? Are you permitted to travel outside of U.S.? How to prove your Cap-Gap status? What to do when your visa is going to expire soon, and yet the H-1B lottery result still has not been announced? One of the most informative articles on Cap-Gap that answers all your questions! (Read article)

Should I expedite my H-1B application? FAQ on premium processing!  (Click on the heading to find out more!)

USCIS announced that starting from June 10th, 2019, all participants of the H-1B lottery can submit PP-Premium Processing. In the following weeks, many clients have asked “what is Premium Processing? Is there an added advantage with Premium Processing? Should I turn in a Premium Processing application? The following article will provide answers concerning the frequently asked questions regarding the topic of Premium Processing. (Read article)

“You are not permitted to travel outside of the U.S. after you have been selected in the H-1B lottery.” Says who? (Click on the heading to find out more!)

Many are skeptical about traveling outside of the U.S. after they have been selected in the H-1B lottery. There are also many applicants worrying that departure and re-entry into the U.S. will affect their H-1B applications or concerning about their eligibility in reentering into the U.S. upon their departures. However, there is also a wide-spread notion of applying travel restrictions before H-1B comes into effect. After one has been selected in the H-1B lottery, is it true that the applicant is not permitted to travel outside of the U.S.? Well, the answer is indefinite! (Read article)

How do you follow up on your case status after you have received the H-1B Receipt Notice  (Click on the heading to find out more!)

How to track your H-1B application process upon receiving the Receipt Notice? What to do if your case is transferred? Please click on the link to read the article! (Read article)

4. What to do when you receive the H-1B RFE?

H-1B Wikipedia and RFE case study and analysis (Click on the heading to find out more!)

Many of you have probably known that USCIS has tightened its restrictions over the H-1B application. The majority of the applicants have been requested to submit additional supporting documents (RFE). Under the tightening control of the immigration landscape, how do you effectively respond to the requests of USCIS? Please click the link to see Attorney Zeng’s insights on the H-1B application. Are you ready to apply now? (Read article)

How to prepare the Specialty Occupation and Beneficiary for the RFE? Supporting documents Wikipedia! (Click on the heading to find out more!)

Specialty Occupation Beneficiary Qualification

In recent years, many of the H-1B applicants have received the requests for the RFE. This article, focusing on Specialty Occupation and Beneficiary Qualification, will further explain the steps and processes for the RFE responses.

(Read article)

OMG, I received the notice for CPT RFE! (Click on the heading to find out more

As many of you have known, the H-1B policy this year has tightened, many applicants have already received the CPT (RFE). For those who have received the requests, keep calm, and don’t fret! Our firm has already helped numerous applicants successfully responded to similar supporting documents notices. In this article, we will further discuss the topic of CPT. (Read article)

Great news! The court has temporarily halted DHS in executing the ban on its policy memorandum “Accrual of Unlawful Presence and F, J, and M Nonimmigrants” announced in August 2018. (Click on the heading to find out more!)

On August 9th, 2018, the Department of Homeland Security “DHS” announced a memorandum targeting the unlawful presence of nonimmigrant students. When the memorandum was announced, many of the international students are faced with issues concerning unlawful presence, particularly the Day 1 CPT students. In addition to the previously mentioned issue, many are faced with the punishment of prohibiting them to enter the U.S. in the next 3 or even 10 years. On May 3rd, 2010, the Federal District Court for the Central District of North Carolina has placed a ban on the memorandum, prohibiting DHS to execute the memorandum until the final verdict has been reached.

(Read article)

Latest News: H-1B Level 1 Wage RFE responses Wikipedia (Click on the heading to find out more!)

There is an increasing number of applicants receiving RFEs for the Level I entry-level wages, and this has become the most common requested RFE in this year. How do the applicants respond? Quickly click on the link to find out! (Read article)

5. What do you need to know after your H-1B approval?

“I have heard the USCIS will conduct onsite visits, so how should I respond?” (Click on the heading to find out more!)

Many of our H-1B and L-1 clients have been successfully approved, months of hard works have proved to be worthwhile. But do assume right away that all things will go well because USCIS still has to conduct an “onsite visit” awaiting all the applicants. How are the “onsite visit” processed and which aspects will be evaluated? What are the things that we need to pay attention to? What are the possible results of “onsite visit”? In this article, we will give you a detailed explanation. (Read article)

H-1B consulate interview lecture audio (Click on the heading to find out more!)

Topics covered: what is the next step after receiving the H-1B approval notice? Should I go back to my home country for the visa interview? How to answer the questions of immigration officers? (Read article)

H-1B transfer adventure? What do you need to know? (Click on the heading to find out more!)

Many people have job-hopped upon the receipt of their H-1B approval. However, how do you smoothly transfer to a new employer while maintaining your H-1B status? When should you join a new company? Should you travel abroad during the change of employer process? This article will answer all the above questions for you! (Read article)

I am in my 6th year of the H-1B status, what is next? Extending successfully? Yes, You can! (Click on the heading to find out more!)

What requirements should the applicant meet to break the six-year limit of H-1B status, and successfully obtain the H-1B extension? Is there a limit on how many times the applicant can apply for an extension? Can those who succeeded in applying for the H-1B six-year extension job-hop during the period of extension? (Read article)

Fired during the H-1B working period? Take heart of these life-saving rules! (Click on the heading to find out more!)

We have received complaints from many H-1B recipients. The complaints comprised of being suddenly laid off, and lack the proper means to maintain legal status in the U.S. Friends, please keep calm and do not fret. This article will provide detailed guidance for all your questions. Please keep calm and focus on working to maintain your legal status. (Read article)

6. What to do if your H-1B application has been denied:

Witnessing miracles! How to successfully turn over a denied H-1B application? Motion to Reopen, Motion to Reconsider, Appeal  (Click on the heading to find out more!)

Our team has consecutively received good news on the approvals of our clients' H-1B Motion/Appeal. At the beginning of July every year, we would be contacted by clients whose H-1B applications have unfortunately been denied. They have reached out to us to help them submit the Motion/Appeal. As of now, all the clients’ cases that were mentioned above have already been approved.

In this article, we will combine case examples of the above-mentioned clients, analyze and explore the following questions: Why is your H-1B application denied? What are the remedies in turning over a denied application? What are the differences between Motion to Reopen, Motion to Reconsider, and Appeal? We hope that this article can guide each applicant to choose the proper method in obtaining H-1B approval.

(Read article)

7. What do you need to know about the latest executive order?

Keypoint Q &A: Impacts of President Trump’s latest executive order on my H-1B (Click on the heading to find out more!)

On June 22nd, 2020, Preside Trump had issued a new executive order 《Proclamation Suspending Entry of Aliens Who Present a Risk to the U.S. Labor Market Following the Coronavirus Outbreak》in the White House. The mandate of this executive order is: The United States will temporarily stop/terminate the entries of those under the H-1B, L, H-2B, and partial J Visa status holders and their family members. What impact is this executive order going to have for the H-1B applicants? (Read article)

Can you change from an approved consular process H-1B case to an approved change of status H-1B case? It is possible! Successful case examples! (Click on the heading to find out more!)

Under the impact of the Pandemic and President’s executive order, some of our clients were required to go abroad to activate their status (consular process) and faced many obstacles. Is it possible to complete the process of status change within the U.S. when your H-1B has been approved with a consular process? The answer is, yes! The main purpose of this article is to share with you the possible ways to successfully converting your status without going abroad. Please contact us if you have any questions about this area. (Read article)

8. H-1B is not the end. How to apply for employment-based immigration?

Green Card related immigration articles!(Click on the heading to find out

This article is a summary of employment-based green card applications, combining the application process of employment green cards and the legal issues that may arise in the process. Please contact us if you have any questions about this area and good luck in obtaining your green cards soon! (Read article)

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1. Things you should know before the H-1B application?

【News】USCIS Updates: Electronic lottery will be implemented for all 2020 H-1B applications! (Click on the heading to find out more!)

As of now, it is announced by the USCIS that all online registration will start on 03/01/2020 to 03/20/20. $10 application fees will be charged per each online registration. Subsequently, USCIS will announce details of the electronic lottery, in which our team will follow up on every step and detail. (Read article)

Big News! USCIC- H-1B key points review forecast! (Click on the heading to find out more!)

In the H-1B application, what are the key points of immigration review? What will the possible new supporting documents requested by the USCIS be? Do not wait! Click on the link now to find out more about the USCIS H-1B immigration review key points forecasts! (Read article)

H-1B Articles

1. H-1B工作签证申请前您需要知道什么?


目前,移民局宣布网上电子注册时间为03/01/2020-03/20/2020。每个电子注册需要向移民局缴纳10美金注册费用。移民局会随后公布电子抽签的具体细节,我们也会时刻跟进。 阅读文章


在H-1B的申请中,移民局审查重点有哪些?移民局又可能出现哪些新类型的补件?赶紧点击查看曾律师对H-1B移民局审批重点的预测吧! 阅读文章

2. H-1B工作签证没有抽中签怎么办?您需要知道什么?

H-1B 没有抽中怎么办?美国境内身份转换请了解一下!(点击标题查看原文哦~)

所谓身份转换 (Change of Status,下文简称为COS),是指在美国境内,从一种非移民身份转换为另一种非移民身份过程身份转换是指,在不用离境重新获得签证的情况下,向移民局申请申请,从一种非移民身份转换为另一种非移民身份的过程。


3. H-1B工作签证中签后需要注意什么?

抽签后忘了    这一步,小心变“黑工” (点击标题查看原文哦~)

期间是否可以工作?又是否能出境旅游呢?如何证明自己的Cap-Gap身份呢?身份马上要到期,抽签结果还未出, 怎么办?史上最全原创文章分享给大家! 阅读文章


移民局宣布, 从2019年6月10日开始,所有参与抽签的H-1B申请人都可以递交加急申请(Premium Processing) (以下简称“加急”或 “PP”)。在随后几周,我们收到很多客户咨询:什么是加急申请? 加急申请是否更有优势?我是否应该递交加急申请? 这篇文章,将对PP的常见问题进行分析 阅读文章


相信很多申请人对于中签后是否能出境旅游有疑惑。也有不少申请人担心自己的H-1B申请因为出境受到影响,甚至担心一旦出境将无法顺利入境。H-1B申请抽中后,在H-1B正式生效前不能出境旅游的说法也流传很广。H-1B中签后,申请人真的不能出境旅游吗?不一定! 阅读文章

收到H -1B Receipt Notice, 我该如何跟进案件状态?(点击标题查看原文哦~)

收到Receipt Notice之后如何追踪H-1B的申请状态呢?案件被转移怎么办呢?赶紧阅读全文吧! 阅读文章

4. 收到H-1B RFE补件通知如何处理?补件通知类型有哪些?


相信很多小伙伴都有听说近年来H-1B申请的严酷性。绝大部分比例的申请人都有被要求补充材料 (RFE)。在严酷的移民大环境下,大家如何跟移民局血拼到底?赶紧点击查看曾律师对H-1B申请的最全总结吧!H-1B申请,你准备好了么? 阅读文章

RFE中的Specialty Occupation和Beneficiary Qualification如何准备?补件攻略宝典贴!(点击标题查看原文哦~)

近年来,不少H-1B 申请人陆续收到了补件通知(RFE)。这篇文章针对Specialty Occupation 和 Beneficiary Qualification 如何补件进行了分析和总结 阅读文章

OMG! 我收到了CPT RFE补件通知!(点击标题查看原文哦~)

众所周知,今年H-1B政策进一步收紧,不少申请人收到了关于CPT的补件通知(RFE)。收到补件的朋友们,莫急莫慌莫害怕!我所今年已经帮助众多申请人成功回复了该类型的补件通知。在这篇文章里,我们会对CPT解剖式分析。 阅读文章

重大喜讯! 法院暂时禁止DHS 执行2018年8月公布的《留学生非法滞留新计算方式备忘录》(点击标题查看原文哦~)

美国国土安全局(Department of Homeland Security, “DHS”) 在2018年8月9日公布了,针对留学生非法滞留新计算方法的备忘录。此备忘录一出,造成了很多留学生,特别是Day 1 CPT学生,突然面临非法滞留问题,更有甚者面临未来3年或甚至10年不能入境美国的惩罚。2019年5月3日,北卡中部地区联邦地区法院下达了针对此备忘录的预先禁止令,即DHS暂时不能执行此备忘录,直到诉讼最终结果出来。


最新快报: H-1B Level 1 Wage 补件通知应对宝典(点击标题查看原文哦~)

越来越多的申请者反映收到了移民局关于Level I 初级工资的补件。此为今年最新出现的补件类型。申请者应该如何应对呢?赶紧点击查看应对宝典吧! 阅读文章

5. H-1B工作签证申请批准后,您需要知道及注意哪些知识点?


最近我所众多客户的H-1B,L-1等签证申请已经顺利获批,几个月的辛苦终于换来了批准通知的绿纸。但大家千万不要以为自己可以高枕无忧了,美国移民局还有一个叫做“实地考察”的东西在等着大家。实地考察如何进行?会调查哪些方面?我们应该注意哪些问题?实地考察会产生哪些结果?我们此篇文章将为你细细道来。 阅读文章

H-1B 使馆面签专题讲座音频分享(点击标题查看原文哦~)

讲座内容包括收到H-1B approval notice,下一步需要做什么?是否必须回国面签?面签材料如何准备?面签流程是什么?面签官的问题该如何回答? 阅读文章

来一场说走就走的H-1B Transfer之旅? 旅行必备需知(点击标题查看原文哦~)

许多小伙伴在使用H-1B工作后,都可能会因各种原因需要跳槽。如何在保持合法身份的前提下顺利更换雇主?何时能入职新公司?在更换雇主期间是否可以出境旅游?本篇文章将针对上述问题为您答疑解惑! 阅读文章

H-1B身份第六年,我该何去何从? --顺利延期你也可以!(点击标题查看原文哦~)

申请人要满足什么要求,才可打破法律对于H-1B身份的六年限制,顺利获得H-1B延期?申请人申请延期的次数有无限制?每次申请的延期期限可达多久?成功获得延期的已达H-1B六年身份限制的申请人在延期期间是否可以跳槽? 阅读文章

H -1B工作期间突然被解雇!?这些续命法则你值得拥有!(点击标题查看原文哦~)

我所近日收到许多H-1B 身份小伙伴发来的哭诉,内容主要包括自己被公司突然解雇(laid off),不知道应当如何维持在美合法身份。各位不幸的小伙伴们请不要慌乱,本文将针对该问题为大家提供一份详细的指导,希望大家能够保持理智,沉着应对,顺利维持自己的合法身份。 阅读文章

6. 如果H-1B工作签证申请不幸被拒绝,您该怎么办?

见证奇迹!如何在H-1B被拒绝后成功翻盘? 提议重审 (motion to reopen)、提议复议(motion to reconsider)、上诉(appeal)了解一下!(点击标题查看原文哦~)

我所H-1B Motion/Appeal 团队陆续收到客户案件获批的好消息。 每年从7月开始,都会有一些H-1B不幸被拒的客户联系我所,希望我们协助其递交motion/appeal申请。目前上述客户已经陆续收到了来自移民局的批准信。 在此文中,我们会结合上述客户的案例,重点分析如下问题: H-1B 申请为什么会被拒绝?被拒之后,客户有什么救济手段?提议重审(motion to reopen) 、提议复议 (motion to reconsider) 、上诉 (appeal) 等各种救济手段有什么区别?我们希望此文能帮助各位申请人合理选择救济手段,重获H-1B 批准。 阅读文章

7. H-1B 最新行政令,您需要知道什么? 有哪些需要注意的知识点?


2020年6月22日,川普总统在白宫签订颁发了新的行政令《Proclamation Suspending Entry of Aliens Who Present a Risk to the U.S. Labor Market Following the Coronavirus Outbreak》。此行政令的主要内容是:美国将暂停/中止H-1B、L、H-2B和部分J签证持有者以及他们的随行家属入境。此行政令对申请人的H-1B有什么影响呢? 阅读文章

是否可以将获批的H-1B 境外激活,转换成境内转身份?可行!成功案例分享!(点击标题查看原文哦~)

在疫情和总统行政令的影响下,我所一些H-1B获批但需出境才能激活身份的客户(consular process)面临了诸多困扰。已经获批境外激活的H-1B受益人是否可以在境内完成身份转换呢?答案是:可以的!此贴主要是跟大家分享此举的可操作性。大家若有需要,可以跟公司律师联系,商讨是否进行相应的操作。 阅读文章

8. H-1B 不是结束,如何申请职业移民?


本文是职业绿卡干货文章汇总篇,汇集了职业绿卡办理过程中可能遇到的法律问题,您有任何问题欢迎联系我们进行咨询。祝大家早日拿到绿卡! 阅读文章


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