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Intellectual property law is a very complex and nuanced area of law that is constantly evolving.

At Zeng Law Group, PLLC, we represent businesses nationally and internationally in complex intellectual property law cases. 

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Intellectual Property Services

Our Intellectual Property team provides legal services for patents, trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition, trade secrets, false advertising, computer software/internet protection, and licenses and agreements.  We are known for our technical and legal acumen, team of diversely skilled and experienced lawyers, and the lengthy and successful track record in the growing field of intellectual property law.


We guide clients through all aspects of protecting their brands. From initial applications to nationwide litigation, we work with clients to obtain and enforce legal protections. Our attorneys also have experience in arguing federal appeals and representing clients in mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Our services include but not limited to the following:


  • Counseling on copyright protection and litigation avoidance​

  • Counseling on the best procedures and methods for developing, protecting, and licensing software including open source software​

  • Identifying potential copyright candidates in intellectual property portfolios​

  • Preparing and prosecuting copyrights in the U.S.​

  • Counseling on copyright enforcement​

  • Investigating copyright issues including ownership​

  • Counseling on maximizing the value of copyrights​

  • Providing due diligence support for corporate acquisitions involving copyrights

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  • Counseling on protecting trademarks 

  • Screening proposed trademarks including review of internet domain names 

  • Preparing and prosecuting trademark applications in the U.S.

  • Performing inter-party proceedings

  • Conducting opposition and cancellation proceedings 

  • Counseling on enforcing trademarks and litigation avoidance 

  • Reviewing and counseling on trademark enforcement and strategies

  • Mediating trademarks and unfair competition disputes 

  • Counseling on maximizing the value of trademarks 

  • Providing trademark clearance opinions

  • Advising on appropriate trademark usage for advertising including packaging

  • Negotiating and preparing trademark licensing and assignments



  • Provide opinions on patentability, validity, and non-infringement

  • Preparation and prosecution of U.S. and foreign patent applications

  • Patent reissues, re-examinations and interferences

  • Patent and technology licensing

  • Counseling on various aspects of patent acquisition, transfer and licensing, including related issues such as antitrust considerations

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