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Top Performing and Experienced Counsel:

Hui Zeng, an attorney with versatile and rich experiences in the practice area of immigration law, is the leading senior attorney in Zeng Law Group, PLLC. Under the leadership of attorney Zeng, our team of professional and dedicated legal experts has provided legal services that go above and beyond our clients’ needs and expectations. For three consecutive years, attorney Zeng has been selected as one of the Rising Stars by Super Lawyer Magazine of Thomson Reuters. Among the licensed attorneys, only around 2.5 % of the cohort will be selected. Attorney Zeng has also made the cut as one of the 2018 Leading Women Lawyers in NYC (a list of the top one hundred outstanding female attorneys) by Crain’s New York Magazine.


Professional and Experienced Legal Team:

Our team of attorneys and paralegals have graduated from top U.S. universities, proficient in both English and Chinese. The paralegals assist the attorneys from the initial stage of putting together the documents to the final stages of following up and overseeing the cases from start to finish.

Customized EB-2/EB-3 Applications:

Our team has accumulated years of experience combined with legal expertise in the area of EB-2/EB-3. Based on the uniqueness of each case, parts in cases where a “request for evidence” may be requested, the professional industry of the employer, the size of the company, position, and the educational background of each applicant- will all be taken into evaluation when customizing an EB2/EB-3 application best suited for applicants with different background and scenarios.


EB-2 / EB-3 Successful Cases

In the past years’ applications, we have reached numerous successes in helping our clients attaining EB-2/EB-3 case approvals on complicated and difficult cases. Interested in knowing more about those who have been in similar work positions as you, and their EB-2/EB-3 approval process, and the application timeline in the past years? Please click here to find out more about our EB-2/EB-3 successful stories.

We are a boutique law firm committed to giving our clients detailed attention. We are a group of dedicated legal professionals that represent clients in various legal areas. We seek to make a difference in the industry and for our clients. Over the years, we have successfully represented thousands of individual and corporate clients and delivered reputable results. For more details, please refer to the list of some of our corporate clients.  

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How to obtain an EB-2/EB-3 employment-based green card? Overview of the 3 major steps. (Click on the heading to find out more!)

As the USCIS raises the standard for the evaluation of the H-1B work visa, a numbered of applicants have experienced frustrations in the process of applications, change of employers, and extending their H-1B visas. The obtainment of a green card is an inevitable key to stability. If you are still fretting over how to apply for an employment-based green card, please click to read more about our explanations on the area of EB-2/EB-3 application! Are you prepared to discuss the option of an employment-based green card with your employer now? (Read article)

What should my employer know before applying for an EB-2/EB-3 employment-based green card? (Click on the heading to find out more!)

Upon the approval of the H-1B visa, many applicants will start the application for the EB-2/EB-3 employment-based green card for permanent residence in the U.S. At the same time, employment-based immigration is not restricted to applicants who are staying in the U.S., but the eligibility also applies to those who are abroad, by which the employer can submit the EB-2/EB-3 applications on their behalf, and obtain a green card. Before submitting the applications, many employers will have similar questions: “ As an employer working on an employment-based green card for the qualified employees, what do I need to know or pay attention to before the application process?” This article will further explain the important details employers should know for the process, in hopes of helping the applicants in obtaining the green card smoothly.

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An overview of the minimum experience requirements for EB-2/EB-3 application (Click on the heading to find out more!)

PERM (Permanent Labor Certification) is defined as proof of specialty-based immigration for foreign nationals. This is a required phase for the majority of applicants applying for employment-based immigration. In the application process of PERM, the position or job responsibility is critically important for the requirement of work experiences. Among the many cases we have worked on, each case differs with beneficiary’s profession and position, nonetheless, the commonality among them all is their myriad of work experiences have influenced the outcomes of their applications. Sometimes, a year of work experience can disqualify other applicants. In the reality of processing through the applications, what are the ways that we can advocate for our rights in obtaining more “work experiences” to raise our competencies?

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PERM Labor Certification- what are the recruitment requirements (Click on the heading to find out more!)

In the process of PERM application, recruitment is a very critical step. Based on the rule of DOL (Department of Labor), the employer has to start the recruitment process before submitting the PERM application. This is to ensure the U.S. workers’( American citizens, nationals, lawful residents with permanent residents) opportunities are secured and protected. Therefore, how is the recruitment process defined as mandated by the DOL? What is the requirement for the Labor Certification? Based on these two points, we will help you further understand relevant questions about the application for Labor Certification to ensure success in the first step in completing the PERM application.

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What should I do when my PERM is audited?  (Click on the heading to find out more!)

As it is widely known, once the PERM application is audited, the employer will have to comply with all the requested documents by the designated time to submit to the DOL, otherwise, the application will be automatically denied. Many applicants would ask, “What is the cause that leads to my PERM audit? How should I respond to it?” This article will target specific situations when the PERM has been selected for an audit to further help you understand the overall procedure of the PERM audit.

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Is my employer eligible to apply for the EB-2/EB-3 Green card? How to determine your employer’s ability to pay?  (Click on the heading to find out more!)

EB-2/EB-3 employment-based immigration is an important channel among the many immigrations. After the first step of the PERM approval, the USCIS will review key points in the I-140 phase: Is the employer capable of paying the promised prevailing wage to the employee in between the submission of the PERM application and the final approval for the green card. This article will focus and detail on the employer’s capability in paying, proof of the employer’s ability to pay to help the applicants successfully obtain the green card.

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Choose the right time to job-hop, EB-2/EB-3 employment-based green card can still be obtained as expected! (Click on the heading to find out more!)

When you apply for the employment-based green card, all the applicants have to go through these 3 major phases. For applicants born in Mainland China, it is an arduous journey starting from the first phase of the DOL application to the final approval of the green card. While waiting for the green card, what if the green card applicant contemplates a job-hop? Would the original date still be deemed effective, or it will lead to delaying the dates of the green card applications? This article will further explain in detail the effects of job-hopping for applicants in different stages of the green card application. We wish you the best of luck in selecting the right time to switch employers, and obtaining the green card in the shortest amount of time.

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One step ahead of others when you understand “EB-2 downgrade application”!  (Click on the heading to find out more!)

All the applicants have to go through the 3 major phases: PERM, I-140, and I-485. For applicants born in Mainland China, starting on the date when you received your “Priority Date”, there is still going to be a long period and years of waiting until your priority date becomes current, in which you can then submit the application of I-485 for status adjustment. The difference is minimal in the schedules for EB-2 and EB-3, however, the schedule for EB-3 has accelerated over the schedule of EB-2. Therefore, we helped some of our EB-2 applicants to submit a downgrade application to switch from the schedule list of EB-2 to EB-3. This is to leverage the EB-3 schedule advantage in submitting the I-485 status adjustment application to obtain the green card faster.

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Applicants bracing for the interviews, with Trump once again elevated the complexity of the matter. (Click on the heading to find out more!)

On August 28th, 2017, based on the executive order 13780, USCIS had issued a new announcement: Starting on October 1st, 2017, USCIS will conduct interviews with selected green card applicants. Please click on the link to read more about the selective interviews.

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How to return to the U.S.while traveling abroad during the I-485 review?  (Click on the heading to find out more!)

Recently, many of our clients have started the process of applying for marriage-based green card or employment-based immigration (e.g., EB-2 and EB-3). Applicants who have already obtained their H-1B/L-1 status, after submitting the applications for I-485, they would often have questions such as, “After departing the U.S., under what status should I return to the U.S.?”

This article will give you a detailed explanation.

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H-1B Extension based on the green card application

For employment-based green card applicants that are born in Mainland China, the long period of waiting has often resulted in failing to obtain the green card in the lawful six years period under the H-1B status. Therefore, many applicants have to apply for an H-1B extension to maintain a legal work status in the U.S. based on their green card application.

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随着移民局对H-1B工作签证审批的加强,很多小伙伴在申请H-1B工作签证、换雇主、延期H-1B签证的过程中都历经了千辛万苦。若不想整日提心吊胆,一张绿卡还是必不可少的。如果你还在发愁如何申请职业移民绿卡,赶快点击查看我们对EB-2/EB-3申请的最新总结吧!跟老板谈绿卡,你准备好了吗? 阅读文章





PERM劳工证(Permanent Labor Certification),顾名思义是外国人通过职业技术进行移民的许可证明。它是绝大多数职业类移民申请的必要步骤。

在PERM申请过程中,一个职位对工作经验的要求至关重要。在我们接到的众多案例中,行业、岗位千差万别,但共同点是:申请者不同的工作经验无疑都会对申请产生重大的影响。有的时候,一年的工作经验要求,就能刷掉很多申请人。在实际申请过程中,我们可以通过哪些方式为自己争取尽可能多的 “工作经验” 以提高胜算呢?



在PERM劳工证申请过程中,招聘是十分关键的一步,即雇主必须在提交PERM申请之前,按照劳工部(Department of Labor,DOL)的规定进行招聘活动。此要求是为了确保合格的美国工人(美国公民、国民, 依法获得永久居留权的外国人等)能够获得可能的工作机会。那么,PERM 劳工证规定的招聘活动有哪些?相关的招聘要求又有哪些呢?本文将对上述两点进行分析,从而帮助大家更好了解申请劳工证的相关问题,协助大家顺利完成PERM申请的关键一步。






EB-2/EB-3职业移民是大家移民的重要途径之一。在第一步PERM获批之后,移民局会在I-140阶段重点审查:雇主在递交PERM申请到绿卡批准期间,是否有能力支付承诺给雇员的薪水 (Prevailing Wage) 。 本文将对雇主支付能力的审查标准,雇主如何证明其支付能力进行解析,以帮助广大正在申请绿卡的小伙伴们顺利获得绿卡。






申请职业移民绿卡,各位申请人要历经劳工部申请(PERM)、I-140申请、I-485申请三大阶段的重重考验。对出生在中国大陆的申请人而言,从拿到优先日(Priority Date)后还要经历长达数年的等待,排期到后(current)才能够向移民局递交I-485身份调整申请。EB-3与EB-2排期通常差别不大,但近期EB-3排期明显快于EB-2,因此我们帮助一些EB-2客户提交了降级申请,助其从EB-2序列转换为EB-3序列,以便其利用EB-3排期优势提前递交I-485身份调整申请,从而早日获得绿卡。





I-485 审批期间出境,我该如何返回美国?








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