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Top Performing and Experienced Counsel:

Hui Zeng, an attorney with versatile and rich experiences in the practice area of immigration law, is the leading senior attorney in Zeng Law Group, PLLC. Under the leadership of attorney Zeng, our team of professional and dedicated legal experts has provided legal services that go above and beyond our clients’ needs and expectations. For three consecutive years, attorney Zeng has been selected as one of the Rising Stars by Super Lawyer Magazine of Thomson Reuters. Among the licensed attorneys, only around 2.5 % of the cohort will be selected. Attorney Zeng has also made the cut as one of the 2018 Leading Women Lawyers in NYC (a list of the top one hundred outstanding female attorneys) by Crain’s New York Magazine.


Professional and Experienced Legal Team:

Our team of attorneys and paralegals have graduated from top U.S. universities, proficient in both English and Chinese. The paralegals assist the attorneys from the initial stage of putting together the documents to the final stages of following up and overseeing the cases from start to finish.

Individually customized Marriage-Based Green Card Application

Our team of attorneys and paralegals are richly experienced in the practice area of marriage-based green card. Based on the uniqueness of each case, parts in cases where a “request for evidence” may be requested, will be taken into evaluation when customizing a marriage-based green card application best suited for applicants with different background and scenarios.  


Marriage-Based Green Card Successful Cases

In the past years' applications, our firm has achieved outstanding results in helping our clients obtaining green card approvals for difficult cases. Do you want to find out more about the approval rate or completion for applications in the past years? Please click here to find out more about the successful immigration cases, including marriage-based green card applications.  

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To obtain a green card through marriage, here is a few know-how! (Click on the heading to find out more!)

What is a marriage green card? What are the steps to take in obtaining a marriage-based green card? How to prove an effective marriage? We have one of the most informative articles on marriage-based green card ready to share with you! (Read article)

Family Immigration- how to find my sponsor? It’s time to reunite with your loved ones and put an end to cross-continents separation. (Click on the heading to find out more!)

As many have known, “family immigration” is popular among the applicants, who are Beneficiaries (Intending Immigrant), with family members that are U.S. citizens or green card holders while meeting all the application requirements. Then, the Beneficiary will be eligible to apply for family-based immigration through family relations. When you submit the family-based immigration application, the Sponsor has to prove that he/she is financially capable to support the Beneficiary’s life in the U.S.. Subsequently, strings of questions follow, such as: who is eligible to be your sponsor? What is the minimum income requirement for the Sponsor to prove his/her financial capability? If the Sponsor’s income falls under the requirement, can you find another Sponsor? Can you find other financial means to replace income to prove the Sponsor’s financial capability? In this article, we will discuss and further explore the frequent questions surrounding the Sponsor’s capability and enhance your understanding of the system and regulations on the eligibility of the Sponsor. We wish you the best of luck in the process so that you may reunite with your loved ones very soon!

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How to return to the U.S.while traveling abroad during the I-485 review?  (Click on the heading to find out more!)

Recently, many of our clients have started the process of applying for marriage-based green card or employment-based immigration (e.g., EB-2 and EB-3). Applicants who have already obtained their H-1B/L-1 status, after submitting the applications for I-485, they would often have questions such as, “After departing the U.S., under what status should I return in?”

This article will give you a detailed explanation.

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Is my medical report form effective? Summary: Starting on November, 1st, 2018, these are things that you will need to take note of! (Click on the heading to find out more!)

Recently, USCIS has updated the medical report form I-693 on its website and extended the one-year status to two years. The new policy is set to be in effect on November 1st, 2018. At the same time, USCIS announced that after the new policy date (November 1st, 2018) has been implemented, if the applicant submits the medical form 60 days after the doctor signs off, then this medical report will be deemed ineffective, in which the applicant has to resubmit a new medical report form.

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Applicants bracing for the interviews, with Trump once again elevated the complexity of the matter (Click on the heading to find out more!)

On August 28th, 2017, based on the executive order 13780, USCIS had issued a new announcement: Starting on October 1st, 2017, USCIS will conduct interviews with selected green card applicants. Please click on the link to read more about the selective interviews.

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婚姻绿卡到底是什么?通过婚姻获得绿卡需要哪些步骤?如何证明自己婚姻的有效性呢?史上最全原创关于婚姻绿卡的文章分享给大家! 阅读文章

结束异国分离,在美相聚 -- 亲属移民,如何找到我的担保人?

众所周知,亲属移民一直受到大家的青睐。您,作为受益人(Intending Immigrant),如果有亲属是美国公民或者持有美国绿卡,在符合条件的情况下,可以基于亲属关系申请移民。提交亲属移民申请时,在美亲属作为担保人(Sponsor),需证明其有足够的经济能力担保受益人。随之而来产生一系列问题:谁可以做担保人?担保人的收入需要达到多少才能满足担保要求呢?如果担保人的个人收入不够怎么办?是否可以再去找一个担保人?是否可以用收入以外的其他财产证明担保人的担保能力?本文将为大家深入分析有关亲属移民担保人担保能力的常见问题,帮助您系统地了解担保人的有关规定,以便大家顺利申请,早日同在美亲属相聚。






近日,移民局在官网更新了移民体检表格Form I-693,将之前表格一年的有效期延长至两年。新政策将从2018年11月1日起正式执行生效。但是,在延长表格有效期的同时,移民局提出自新政策生效之日起(2018年11月1日),如果申请人在体检医生签字60天后(>60天)递交移民申请及I-693体检表格,则此体检表格会失去证据效力,申请者需要提交新的体检表格。







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