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Some of Our

Corporate Clients

  • A well-known New York ad-agency (one of New York’s largest 25 minority-owned enterprises in 2010). Ranked by Advertising Age as the third-largest agent with the highest advertising revenue for Asian Americans in 2012.


  • A U.S. electronic technology manufacturing company and was established in 1987. A leader in the field of data and telecommunications technology innovation.


  • A housing loan company in California, U.S. (it is established more than ten years ago, with excellent service and due diligence.)


  • A well-known biotechnology company in the U.S. (with the world’s cutting-edge medical research and development technology.)


  • A well-known pet shop in the U.S. (it was established in 1992, including multiple markets in China.)


  • A biotechnology company in California, U.S. (with unique and market-leading biotechnology, holding ownerships to many patent and product inventions.)


  • The subsidiary of an American recruiting agency, with its Asian headquarters located in South Korea (servicing across the U.S., China, South Korea, Singapore, etc.)


  • A well-known information technology company in California, U.S.


  • A well-known children’s charity organization in Brooklyn, New York (serving more than 300 children and families every year, and the only organization in New York combining mental health clinics with summer camps.)

  • A well-known human resource company in New York, U.S. (it was established in 1972, services include career counseling, career introduction, ESL courses, youth courses, high tech computer training, and business program development.)  


  • Texas certified accounting firm ( it was established in 1963, specializing in tax planning.)

  • Well-known mobile device dealers in the U.S. (providing services to carriers, retails, and corporations on 6 continents across the globe.)

  • A real estate investment firm in California, U.S. (its projects include West End, 6400 Sunset Boulevard, and other famous architectural buildings.)

  • Nutrition and supplement distributor in California, U.S. (strong global presence with a reputation of safety and quality assurance.)

  • The branch of a well-known Chinese asset investment management firm in New York ( it has invested nearly 50 enterprises and has its own business immigration (EB-5) regional center.)

  • A well-known architecture firm in Brooklyn, New York (providing a wide range of services, and its simple and beautiful designs are widely acclaimed.)

  • A boutique accounting firm in California, U.S.

  • A well-known plastic-rubber manufacturer in Iowa, U.S.

  • A well-known telecom operator in the U.S. ( it is ranked top 5 VoIP companies in North America.)

  • Real-estate development and investment corporation in the U.S. (headquartered in Beijing, China.)

  • Real-estate commercial development company in the U.S. (the management team has 30 years of mortgage and operation experience in the hotel and real-estate field.)

  • Lighting system manufacturer in California, U.S. (with advanced technology system, services and products can be customized.)


  • Equity investment company in New York, U.S. (with assets exceeding 150 million USD, and currently operating 2 private funds.)


  • Texas public certified accounting firm in the U.S. (0 negative tax service review)


  • A well-known architecture firm in New York, U.S. (the company has completed many award-winning projects, among them are the Plaza Hotel, Trinity Church, Grand Central Station, and St. James’ church in New York. The scope of works includes repairements, redesigns, and renovations.)


  • New York branch of a well-known Chinese hotpot restaurant (one of the top ten hotpot brand, with an excellent reputation.)


  • A well-known American outdoor product manufacturer (with 325,000 square-ft of the factory in Texas, and it has established a partnership with many upscale outdoor product brands.)


  • A well-known ophthalmic equipment manufacturer in the U.S. (with an advanced research environment and production facilities.)


  • A school in Queens, New York (excellent teaching and curriculum, well-liked by the students and parents.)


  • A well-known architecture firm (providing comprehensive services including architecture and interior design, serving clients in New York and Connecticut.)


  • A well-known real-estate investment company in Seattle, U.S. (the parent company is a listed company in Hong Kong.) 


  • A well-known American biotechnology company (a flexible and high-end R&D company focusing on R&D technology.)


  • A large American tire manufacturer (one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing tire companies, businesses have expanded across the globe, with product distributions to over eighty countries.)


  • An education consulting company in California, U.S. (it has collaboration with shore international and Liucheng study abroad network, etc.)


  • An American large pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (with numbers of patented technology patented products, and a strong presence on the global pharmaceutical market.)

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