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List of Some of Our H-1B Corporate Clients in 2018

  • US subsidiary of a top-3 e-commerce platform in China

  • US subsidiary of a top-3 information service platform in China

  • US headquarters of a leading listed education group in China

  • US subsidiary of a well-known restaurant chain group in China (a top-50 chain restaurant in China)

  • US headquarters of a large-scale listed real estate company in China

  • New York and Texas divisions of a large-scale accounting firm in the US

  • California division of a mid-sized accounting firm in the US
  • New York headquarters of a top-3 bank in Taiwan

  • A well-known quantitative hedge fund company in New York

  • A well-known global asset management company (investing in the US, China, and Southeast Asia)

  • A large-scale online e-commerce platform in the US

  • A well-known venture capital incubator in the US

  • A well-known startup in Silicon Valley (with $10M+ Round C financing)

  • A well-known third-party staffing company in the US

  • A large-scale pharmaceutical biotechnology company in the Eastern US

  • A large-scale career consultation company in the US

  • New York division of a well-known public relations company in the US

  • A large-scale Home Care group in the US Eastern Coast

  • One of the most influential Mandarin media platforms in the US, covering all the top-10 cities

  • New York division of a well-known TV media platform in Hong Kong

  • A well-known leading international architecture firm in the US

  • One of the most influential NPOs in the US, with members consisting of the top-100 most outstanding Chinese Americans



2019 H-1B Application Tips – Must-read Articles

What you should know before H-1B application


Critical summary! Prediction of key points that will be reviewed by USCIS for 2018 H-1B application!

Abstract: The applicants this year are now waiting for the lottery results. In 2017, we encountered the USCIS's Level 1 RFE for the first time. Then, what are the key points that will be reviewed by USCIS in 2018? What other new types of RFE may be requested by the USCIS? Click here now to check out Ms. Zeng's prediction of USCIS's key review points for 2018 H-1B application!


Major updates for H-1B selection will be implemented soonest in 2019


Abstract: The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on November 30, 2018. Once approved, it will affect the fate of thousands of foreign students who intend to work in the US.

What you should know after being selected in the H-1B lottery 


Cannot travel abroad after being selected in the H-1B lottery? – Some key points that you need to know

Abstract: I believe that many applicants have doubts about whether they can travel abroad after being selected in the H-1B lottery. Some other applicants may be worried that their H-1B applications will be affected and they even cannot return to the US again if they travel abroad. Indeed, it is commonly said that the applicants cannot travel abroad after being selected in the H-1B lottery and before the H-1B becomes effective. So is it true that the applicants must not travel abroad during this H-1B pending period? Not necessarily!


After receiving my H -1B Receipt Notice, how should I follow up on the case status?

Abstract: This morning, we received the first H-1B Receipt Notice from USCIS! Congratulations! I believe that many of our clients are still waiting for the results, so why not forward this good news now to share the fortune! How to follow up on the status of H-1B application after receiving the Receipt Notice? What should be done if the case is transferred? Read the full text now!


H-1B application was approved with no RFE in 2018! How was it done?


Abstract: Great news! Among the H-1B applications submitted by Zeng Law Group, PLLC in April 2018, the first applicant, who was informed that his check had been cashed out, has got his application approved! This Wednesday (May 9, 2018), we received his approval notice with great excitement! How to reduce the probability of RFE while USCIS's review standard is getting more stringent? How to improve the chance of direct approval? Here, we would like to share with you some of the recent cases that were directly approved, so that you may further grasp USCIS's key points of review in this year. Wish all applicants to receive your good news soon!

What should I do if I receive an H-1B RFE Notice?


Critical info! 2018 H-1B application tips and RFE case analysis

Abstract: The H-1B application for 2017 has come to an end, while 2018 lottery is getting closer. I believe that many applicants have heard about the rigor of the application process in 2017. A vast majority of applicants were required to submit an RFE response. Under the harsh background of immigration, how should we fight with USCIS? Click here now to check out Ms. Zeng's comprehensive summary on 2017 H-1B application! Are you ready for your application in 2018?


Latest News: Response tips to H-1B Level 1 Wage RFE

Abstract: As of end-August 2017, an increasing number of applicants have received Level I Wage RFE from USCIS. This is the newest type of RFE we encountered this year. How should we respond to it? Click here now to check out the response tips!


How to prepare your RFE response in 2018?

Abstract: In 2018, many H-1B applicants have received the Request for Further Evidence, commonly known as RFE. This article will analyze and summarize how to deal with RFEs for Specialty Occupation and Beneficiary Qualification.


OMG! I received the CPT RFE notice!


Abstract: As we all know, the H-1B policy has been further tightened this year, and many applicants have received RFE on CPT. But don't worry! Our firm has helped many applicants successfully respond to this type of RFE this year. In this article, we will analyze CPT comprehensively.

What you should know after your H-1B approval


Lecture on H-1B interview – audio sharing


Abstract: Recently, our clients have successively received the notice of H-1B approval, and many of them have come to consult us how to deal with H-1B interview. Thus, we organized a free webinar at 9:00pm EDT, August 29, 2018 to highlight some critical tips for H-1B interview and answered the most concerned questions online. We hope that this webinar can help you grasp the key points and prepare H-1B interview materials efficiently. Please click on the audio to listen to this lecture.


How about a casual trip of H-1B Transfer? Travel essentials!


Abstract: Many applicants may need to quit their current jobs for various reasons. How to change an employer while maintaining my legal status? When can I join a new company? Can I travel abroad during the process of changing my employer? This article will give you comprehensive answers to the questions above!


My H-1B status is coming to the sixth year, so where should I go? --- You’ll be able to successfully extend your status if you understand these points!

Abstract: The long application scheduling of employment-based immigration “green card” often traps the applicants born in mainland China into a dilemma that they cannot get a "green card" within the six-year validity of H-1B status. Therefore, many applicants have to apply for an H-1B extension according to the relevant laws and regulations when their H-1B status is expiring, in order to retain a legal employment status in the US before obtaining the "green card".


Our Advantage in H-1B Application in 2019

Super Lawyer

The leading attorney of our H-1B team, Ms. Hui Zeng, has extensive experience in the field of immigration law. Under her leadership, our professional attorney team is committed to providing authoritative legal services to our clients.


For two consecutive years (2017 and 2018), Ms. Zeng was named the  Rising Star  by Thomson Reuters Super Lawyers. Only about 2.5% of lawyers in the US can win this honor. Ms. Zeng was also selected by Crain's New York as one of 2018 Leading Women Lawyers in NYC (top-100 outstanding female lawyers in New York City).

A Professional and Responsible Team

All of our attorneys and paralegals were graduated from top-20 law schools in the US, equipped with the bilingual ability of Chinese and English. The paralegals are responsible to fully assist the attorney team to compile materials, track case progress and coordinate with the communication between attorneys and clients, in order to make sure that both the employers and beneficiaries can be updated with the case progress in time.

Tailored H-1B

Application Plan

Our attorney team has extensive experience in H-1B application. We will communicate thoroughly with every client, tailor the H-1B application plan and draft all the relevant supporting documents based on the unique situation of each case, including potential RFE points, company's industry background, company size, position, and the applicant's academic background.


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